Quilt and Needle Arts Walk, Genoa, IL

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A New Year with many exciting projects on the horizon and the sewing machine insists that it is time to go into the shop for a cleaning.  When the machine speaks in this manner, I must listen. 

I am starting out the New Year with a display in the store window for Cutter’s Family Hair Care in Genoa, IL.  It is part of Genoa’s Quilt & Needle Arts Walk January 24 – 29.  It is a week full of activities, demonstrations and exhibits.  Quilts, embroidery, knitting, weaving, lacework, needlepoint, rugs, handmade dolls, and more are displayed throughout downtown Genoa, IL.

   The 2011 walk is sponsored by Basketcases Unlimited of Clare, IL.  Activities include displays including Quilts of Valor and Home of the Brave quilts honor US military.  Local artists Shirley Gylleck and Dorothy Laing will be doing presentations.  I will be doing a demonstration of the quilt and tear paper on Thursday, January 27th at 1:30 pm.  For a full schedule of activities, go to www.genoamainstreet.com.


Placemat Brings Exciting News

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The Gradations placemat pattern has been put on a promotional flyer for Clothworks Shades fabric line.  Very exciting news!

Other news is the development of a new pattern.  This one is based on rectangles.  This coming weekend will be a fun filled, busy quilt focused retreat in Lake Geneva, WI.  The new pattern will be tested during the retreat so I have been busy pulling the fabrics together as well as the sewing machine and other supplies.   Of course, something is usually forgotten when getting ready for a retreat.  Usually a very crucial something that is not remembered until at the retreat!   To avoid this problem, the sewing room is full of lists.

Gradations placemat pattern finished

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  The Gradations placemat and tablerunner pattern is quilted and finished.  I used the quilt and tear paper to transfer a quilting design by Ann Bright. It worked beautifully!  I used a variegated thread which brought out the pattern nicely.  I was very pleased at how quickly the quilted pattern was transferred.

Gradations pattern is being carried by www.quiltwoman.com.

I was able to get the Shades fabrics on the bolt from Clothworks.  I was able to make kits for the pattern and have them available through my email institchesquilts@gmail.com.  The ombre fabric was fun to work with and provides a perfect blend of colors.   

DeKalb County Quilters’ Guild show

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The DeKalb County Quilters’ Guild is hosting a quilt show October 2 & 3, 2010.  It was a busy week prior to the show getting last minute details taken care of.  Once at the show, set up went pretty quickly.  The show itself is a showcase of the amazing quilting talent in DeKalb County. 

The show continues Sunday, Oct. 3 at the Sycamore Middle School in Sycamore, IL from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

American Quilts Exhibit

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I was fortunate to be able to see the “American Quilts: Selections from the Winterthur Collection” at the Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, WI.  The exhibit is open until September 6th. 

The quilts dated back to 1760 and were excellent examples of Indian Palampores, chintzes and patchwork. I was so excited to be able to see the Indian chintzes up close.  I needed to see the actual fabric to understand the sheen that has been described.    The quilts were exhibited as fine art within a special gallery.   My favorites are still the Marseilles corded quilting.  The intricate details are exquisite! 

Sorry, no pictures.  Although we were able to use magnifying glasses to examine the fibers closely (without actually touching), we could not take any photographs.

Design Board Project

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I have been on haitus and yet busy with quilt related activities!  I was a vendor at the Batavia, IL quilt show July 16-18 and saw many incredible quilts!  The coincidence was the quantity of marvelous historic quilts on display as I am also taking a History of Quilts class through the University of Nebraska.  Many of the antique quilts in the show were styles that we were discussing that week in the class!

The project currently on my design board is a new placemat that uses Clothworks new Shades fabrics.   It uses a Rail Fence block to highlight the gradations of the fabric.


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Whimsey is a fun and easy pattern using whimsical novelty prints.  The one pictured has all cat prints.  I lost count of the number of quilt shops visited to collect whimsical cat prints.  (There are many more in my stash than in the quilt).  This pattern is available through www.quiltwoman.com.

There are wonderful continuous line quilting patterns available to quilt it with a feline motif.