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Pretty In Pink

February 3, 2010

  I had been collecting pink fabrics for quite a while to make this new pattern.  I found the perfect brown (with just a touch of red to blend with the pinks) and started to play with transition within one color.

Maria Paegler,, is hosting a color of the month on her blog.  January was white and February is pink.  My latest pattern, “Pretty in Pink” is number 9.  The other quilts are awesome and all nine have different tips for working with pinks.  Maria is the author of Color Mastery: 10 Principles forCreating Stunning Quilts. Check out the book at

Trying to transition pinks, I had to audition many prints trying to find the right blend of shades and tints.  Now that I like the arrangement, my dilemma is how to make it larger?  Do I repeat the transition as large rectangles or surround it with further transition?  My idea was not to add borders per se but to have the blocks run to the edge of the quilt.  When I enter quilt stores now, the pinks call to me.


The Colors of Winter

January 28, 2010

The midwest almost had a clear Christmas (instead of white) as ice was more prevalent than snow.  This winter I really looked at the colors of the landscape and discovered that winter is not just blue and white. 

The ice on the evergreen highlighted the green making it seem more vibrant. 


Snow outlines everything in white, but the brown of the tree trunks shows through.  Trees seen at a distance have a soft gray effect.  The city night sky after a snowfall glows pink.  Christmas lights in yards and on houses introduce bright primary colors.  This year a popular color for lights was blue.  It was very striking against the white snow. 

The same colors can be seen in landscapes throughout the year – they just appear in different proportions. 

Do you have a favorite season?  Is it your favorite because of the dominant colors?