Rhapsody of Quilts

In the midwest, we are subject to the mid winter snow storms and thaws.  For two days, the city was shut down as we shoveled out from under 2 feet of snow (not as bad as New York but bad enough).  The very next week, we had temperatures in the 50’s and most of the snow has gone.  It was amazing to feel balmy spring winds in February.  While we patiently wait for the real spring to arrive, it is great weather to be quilting!

   Of course in cold weather, it is nice to cuddle up with a comfortable quilt.  The pets enjoy them also! 

   The winter season is also a good time to get the creative juices flowing.  Review photographs for inspiration and find quiet time to contemplate and just let the ideas flow.  Doodling is a good exercise to get into a creative frame of mind, to relax and enjoy the process.  Doodling is also a good way to limber up before free motion quilting.

With the cat banned from the sewing room, I have fewer distractions and can focus on preparing for upcoming events.   March 5 and 6 is the “Rhapsody of Quilts” show in Princeton, IL, presented by the Covered Bridge Quilters Guild.  It is a judged quilt show with a merchants mall, silent auction and a quilt raffle.  The show is open Saturday, March 5 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday, March 6 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.  I am working on three new quilt patterns and hoping to debut one of them at least.

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