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‘Tis the Season

December 6, 2009

This is the time of year when the temperatures drop and the air gets dry.  As our skin dries out, so do our textiles.  

Our first instinct is to put on lotion.  Lotion however, will leave a residue on our quilt fabrics when we touch them.  This residue will cause staining marks over time.  When planning on working with favorite fabrics for a quilt project, wash your hands with natural soap and put on the lotions when quiltmaking is done for the day.  Bedtime is a great time to put on lotions.  They work while you sleep and your skin feels refreshed in the morning!

However, keeping the fabrics clean does not keep them from drying out.  A humidifier at this time of year can do wonders for your skin, your lungs and nose as well as keeping our fabrics feeling good.  When fibers get too dry, they become brittle and break easily.  May all of you get those Christmas quilting projects done in plenty of time!